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Writing a Postgraduate Thesis or Dissertation

The aim of this book is to help you in reporting a research project, in particular to assist in writing a dissertation or thesis. It does this by showing how you can write about your field of research, about the tradition of methodology and methods in which you are working, and about the contribution to knowledge you are making. For more detail click here.

Research Methods

This book provides an overview of ninety key concepts which often trouble those who are new to researching within the social sciences. It covers theories of knowledge, methodologies and methods. Each entry offers a definition of a concept, shows how researchers have used that concept in their research and discusses difficulties that the concept presents. The book supports those undertaking their own social research projects by providing detailed critical commentary on key concepts in a particularly accessible way. For an abridged preface click here.

Education Research

The aim of this book is to give insight into the work of education researchers.

It looks at how education research is carried out; the purposes it serves; how the research literature can be read; and what kind of themes researchers cover. It is suitable for anyone studying education as a subject, for practitioners concerned with developing their practice and for the general reader who simply wants to know more about education and how it is researched. For an abridged preface click here.

Supporting Remote Teaching and Learning in Developing Countries: From the global to the local

The aim of the the book is threefold: to present a broad overview of RTL in developing countries; to show the responses to the lockdown of schools during the Covid-19 pandemic in South Asia; to describe in greater depth the response to the lockdown by teachers, school leaders and policymakers in Nepal. In the second half of the book the focus on Nepal is extended by presenting reflections on teaching during lockdown by local educators. For more detail and a contents page click here.