I work in the Centre for Education Studies at the University of Warwick where I am particularly involved with teaching and supporting research degree students. Most of my teaching and research involves education, technology and social research.

A lot of my past work has covered the teaching of ICT in schools, the professional development of ICT teachers and the opportunities and constraints associated with online discussion. I have supervised and continue to supervise many research students in my department and am grateful for the stimulus they give to my research.

I helped co-ordinate an interdisciplinary network at Warwick for those interested in technology for learning. I am particularly concerned about how we theorise technology and I worked with colleagues Sarah Younie and Cristina Costa on a special issue of the journal Technology Pedagogy and Education with a focus on theorising. I have written about online community as a concept and what members expect from online collaboration. I am also intrigued by reactions to technology, for example why is there so much optimism about its impact? I am interested in wider issues in social science and co-ordinate an education focused course in Advanced Research Methods as well as a Masters in Social Science research for the faculty. I have special interests in Pragmatism and John Dewey, inclusivity in higher education, theorising and the use of language in social research. There is more on my interests here and  examples of my publications here.

I am also using this site to provide blog posts. For the most part these are blogs on topics to do with my work and my interest in learning in its widest sense. This is work in progress but I hope my blog will become an eclectic mix of contributions on what might be happening in the field of social research and technology and how it feels to do academic research . You are welcome to comment (or not) on the blogs but please follow normal online etiquette. I cannot promise to get back to you on the blog itself.





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